Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Up and Down like a Yo-Yo

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I just re read my last post, I was shocked to see it was two weeks ago, where has the time gone?

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a whirl to be honest. Lots of ups and downs. Nothing major, but all the same a bit of a rollercoaster ride that I'd have been only too happy to get off at any point. I never have been one to love rollercoasters, I would much rather sit and eat ice cream whilst watching the kids whizz past on some dreadful, stomach churning, looking contraption. I'd always used the fact that Alfie was too small to go on the big rides as my excuse to stay off them, but now he's getting older, the fact is there for all to see that, yes, I am indeed a big girl and their are very few rollercoasters you will get me on.  I do love 'Air' at Alton Towers though, I feel like I'm flying, it's a lovely free feeling, though to be fair, if any bird flew as fast,randomly and upside as that rollercoaster,  I think it would end up beak first into the nearest tree.

The only rollercoaster I've been riding is my own really. There have been ups and downs with the craft venture, a couple of issues that arose really put a major dampner on the whole thing. I really began to wonder if it was all worth the stress. But then on the other side of the coin, I've had some lovely messages and feedback from happy customers, so fingers crossed the ups will always outweigh the downs and if the time comes when it doesn't I shall be hanging up my needle n thread.

My Boys and me had a flying visit to my parents this week. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and left Tuesday afternoon. My parents live down in Suffolk, which is my hometown and I live up in Derbyshire, so it's not often we get to see them. My Husband was working down south, so as it was half term we went down too and stopped with my parents whilst he was off working, then he picked us up Tuesday afternoon.  On the Tuesday morning we went and visited my Nan. She came through with a BIG biscuit tin, filled not with biscuits - normally this would be a great dissapointment, but no, not this time, as it was filled with buttons! Buttons, buttons, glorious buttons. I never knew I had a button addiction until I started this venture, though when looking back, perhaps it's always been there bubbling under the surface.

I used to have a comic delivered to the door everyweek when I was a little girl, back in the day when a comic was just that...a comic, not a poor excuse of a childs magazine with a 'free' pile of junk sealed on the front of it, all enclosed within a polythene bag, so no matter how much I assure the kids that the tat on the front will be broken within minutes and the magazine will be rubbish. I can not open the pages to show them the magazine is full of nothing and the 'free toy' really didn't warrant paying £4.99!

Anyway, the point of this seemingly random rant is, in this comic, there was a story about two children who used to go and visit their gran who had a magic tin of buttons. The children would choose a button and gran would tell them about which rich adventure she'd had that made her end up with the button. It was always something magical and wonderful. As I had such a vivid imagination - and still have, I thought if I too had this wonderful box of buttons, I too would be able to magic myself to all these wonderful places whenever I chose to. One christmas my Nan had bought me a sewing box, the same one that I use today infact, in this sewing box, amongst many other delights was a little tin with a hinged lid. I decided this was the perfect button box. Over the next few months or years, I really have no idea, I started collecting interesting buttons...well, I thought they were interesting at the time. In hindsight they were infact mass produced plastic buttons in quirky shapes. All the same I collected these 'magical' buttons in my little tin. I'm not entirely sure how I thought these buttons would somehow have some rich adventure within them, but perhaps that's where my love of buttons came started. I still have the tin, still with the buttons in it, along with lots of childhood pin badges and a magic roundabout charm bracelet. Hmm, perhaps I'm finding that I am also a hoarder? 

I have thought recently about getting rid of the little buttons, as sadly when i take one out of the tin, there are no stars, no magic, no adventure. Just a feeling of, I wonder what made me choose this plastic button shaped like a pencil sharpner? Whilst searching for buttons on eBay recently for a craft order, I came across some similar aged buttons and saw that they were selling, so now I'm tempted to sell them...but I'm torn, do I or don't I?  As much as they don't whisk me away to a magical place, they do take me back to my childhood bedroom laid on the carpet reading my comic, maybe that memory in itself is the magical place.  I am struggling for space though and any money would be a bonus, but I feel like I'm selling a little bit of my that ridiculous? They are only plastic novelty shaped buttons afterall....aren't they?

I'm also torn with the buttons my Nan gave me, she gave them to be to use with my crafts, but can I part with these buttons to someone. I'm not sure.

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