Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Stabbed in the back...with a needle??

Stabbed in the back...with a needle??

Well, this week is proving to be an eye opener. I always thought, naively perhaps, that the craft world would have a good community spirit. Seems like there's both good and errrm, not so good in all industries though. 

We all get inspirations from everything we see, its human nature to take in and absorb the things around us, but when inspiration takes a leap into blatant copying, it's a bit heart wrenching. I know I'm not alone in this dilema. But never mind, its a dog eat dog world I guess. I just wish people could be a bit less obvious when they are chewing on someone elses bone. Hmm now that sounds incredibly dodgy, so I'll leave that one there!! 

On a lighter note, I've also 'met' via cyberspace some really lovely crafters and hope through my fb page and here too that I'll meet plenty more :) I'm especially thankful to have 'met' a fellow crafter who we both share our ups and downs, worries and ideas, she's been a life saver...*you know who you are, besides you're probably the only one who is ever going to read the blog* lol

It's a bit of a worry starting a blog, I am in essence just rambling to myself as I'm not sure anyone is reading it. Does this make me insane? Probably, but that's not going to stop me, I can talk/type for England :)

I dusted off the craft box today, it had its first opening since Christmas and me feeling under the weather. I even brought Ethel along to the party. Ethel by the way, is my sewing machine. 'She' is a 1963 singer, great big beast of a machine. I was given it by a nice lady who said it had been sat gathering dust for years and would be pleased for it to go to someone who could put it to use. So far I've not done a fabulous job of granting her wish. I was so eager to try it when i first got it and was so dissapointed with how little I can actually achieve on it. Its not Ethel's fault, its mine. I don't know the first thing about sewing machines, but I managed to thread it, do the bobbin and make a few straight lines, so it was a start! But today I have managed to make up the start of a bag, a small childs bag, but its still a bag and Ethel and her previous owner will be proud of me I'm sure! I've signed up to do a sewing machine day course in March, so in April I can bribe the children into doing chores around the house with the ever looming threat of 'please tidy your room or I'll make you an outift on the sewing machine', I'm sure the room would be cleaner than it ever has been before!

I'm going into town to get my eyes tested tomorrow, I know I definately need new reading glasses, I've a horrible feeling I probably need glasses all the time now too :( I'm not one of the lucky people who actually look fab in glasses...but alas, I need my eyes to sew. I just hope when I see my stitches with better lenses I don't start unpicking them because I decide they aren't neat enough.

If anyone is out there *listens out for echo*, please drop by and say hello, I'd love to hear from some crafters/bloggers on how you've got where you are now, or how you want to get to where you want to be. 

I wish all sewing machines came with free courses and little vans that came out and untangled messed up bobbins! Love this advert :) -ignore the stupid comments under it.


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