Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year.

So, here it Januray the 1st, this means  2012 is upon us. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

I'm Claire, mother of two fab boys whos at a bit of a cross roads in life. I've been married for 17 years, my boys are now 12 and nearly 9 (in a matter of days). I qualified as a nursery nurse when I was 18 which is sadly nearly 21 years ago now *gulp*! In September 2011 I left work and am at this crossroad point!

In November I started to make some felt Christmas Decorations, just for myself, got a bit carried away and made several too many and thought I would try and sell a few on eBay. They sat on eBay not doing alot and I didn't get a sale. A friend suggested I made a facebook page to sell them. It's something I had thought about, but self belief isn't my strong point and I wasn't sure anyone would want to even buy them. I decided to set up a page and see what happened. I only had some felt Christmas trees, Robins and Gingerbread men to sell, but made the page, added photos and left the rest to fate.

I soon had lots of interest and this spurred me on to make some more items. I made some scandanavian style hearts and I wasn't prepared for what happened next! I was inundated with sales for these hearts and people also wanted them personalised. I went from making single initial hearts to full name garlands. Whereas my plan was to try and sell a few pieces whilst working on some new ideas, I didnt get the chance as I was spending everyday busy sewing just to keep ontop of the orders, it was the boost I needed to make me want to carry on in the hope that it was something I could possibly sustain.

The lead up to Christmas was manic and eventually I had to close order books to get everything finished and posted out in time. The  plan of action was to take a break from orders over the holidays, but also work on some new items for the page. But due to being away from home with family over Christmas and also Santa bringing me an awful headcold (grrr santa) I've not had a chance to get anything done...apart from ideas!

I'm hoping by keeping this blog, not only will it allow me to look back and 'hopefully' see where things are going right....or possibly wrong and also to make some crafter friends along the way who are maybe starting out on the same journey.

Any advice, critisism, magic wands or small elves who make items during the night are all gratefully recieved :)

I have lots of 'plans' for the upcoming year, but plans and making them happen don't come naturally to me, something i really need to work on!!

I would love to hear from anyone either via the blog or my facebook craft page -link is at top of page.



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