Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Spring is in the air....which makes for a much happier Claire.

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Well, it's been beautiful the last couple of days, bloody freezing, but sunny all the same. I'm so thankful for some sunshine at last, it makes everything seem so much better.

I've had a productive week so far (that sounds more impressive than it is, as it's actually only Tuesday evening at the moment. ;) I think the productiveness is al due to the sunshine, I've been sat in the conservatory, sun shining, birds tweeting...next doors cat pooping grrrr, but apart from the cat, it's been lovely. It's been me, crafts, music and crafting. Lovely.

My Eco Bags have been selling well this week, so I've been decorating a few more of those to have in stock. I've also been playing with a new product today.

Last week I had a look round the market in town and I saw a stall which just sold stamps, I've had some stamp related ideas floating round for a while now, but not really done anything about them, so I thought I'd go and have a nosey. Once I had squeezed my way though the elderly men who seem to be almost closing up gaps so I couldnt get a look in, which of course made me want to look all the more, what were they hiding in there?!  I soon was drawn to a massive box of little packs of stamps, all labelled up with countries or worldwide mix, I asked how much they were, I know nothing about stamps so I had no knowledge to whether they were a good price or not, but they seemed ok to me so I bo ught a few packs.

So today I sat in the sunshine in the warmth of the conservatory surrounded by stamps and PVA glue. There's something about PVA glue that instantly turns me into a 5 year old, I just need to get my hands right in and go for it.  I covered several little trinket boxes in the stamps and got very satisfyingly gloopy in the process :) This has now now spurred me on to finding more reasons to get gloopy with PVA at any given time.

Tomorrow will be back to needle and thread and possibly some fimo making too. I have an incredibly short boredom threshold, so I really do need to keep a nice mixture of crafts going or I think I'd go stir crazy....well, more so than I am already.

This weekend I'm going back down South, where I am originally from, to meet up with some old primary school freinds. I've not seen most of them for decades, so it'll be interesting to meet up.

This however brings the dilema of the fact that my ever increasing self is now not going to fit into what I'd really like to wear...or just about anything else in my wardrobe, so I'm wondering if it would be ok to turn up in PJs? I could say it was all the rage up North :) We're meeting up at a pub that is near to our old primary school. I wish we could have a look round the school, so many happy memories were made in that school, luckily they aren't locked inside the school, but inside my head :)

I actually travel down on Friday, so I've got a long weekend away, which will be nice, but I'll also miss my boys lots as I'm going alone while the boys stop home with my hubby.

But for now I'm off to bed to dream of losing half a stone before the morning, this may mean I wake up and have chopped a limb off of course, as I can't see how else it's going to happen. It doesn't help that I made a banana loaf this week and it keeps calling me to eat it...damn that banana bread!

Hugs xx

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