Thursday, 29 March 2012

Too much thinking, not enough doing...

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So how have you been? It's been a while. I say this like someone is reading...I've a feeling though I sit and waffle away to myself :)

Well it's been beautiful weather this last week and I have got some sewing done in the sunny conservatory with the sound of the birds tweeting and the sight of the neighbours cats pooing...hmm not so good.

I remember reading that cats don't like strong smells, I know when I've bought cat derrent before it smelt really quite nice, but they don't like it. So after cutting the grass yesterday I febreezed the trodden down path the neighbourhood cats have made along my lawn. Yes, really. I actually febreezed my lawn!  Before now I've tried, orange peel, which is good for a day or so then the smell goes, I've thrown down bowls of water with washing up liquid in...water was quite hot though and I killed the grass -oopsy. This was all when I was trying to stop them using the veggie patch as their loo. But I gave up with the veg patch as it totally put me off eating anything from it...and yes I did make a netting lid to go over it, but these cats appear to wear utility belts for any occasion and somehow managed to claw their way through, or possibly use the laser cutter they appear to carry with them, why don't they just carry porta potties instead! Anyway, the garden smelt lovely yesterday 'summer breeze' febreeze smells even fresher in the garden than it does in the house lol Anything has to be better than 'Eau d'catpoo'
The neighbours probably think I'm totally insane, as not long after the febreezing the grass I was then hanging a Union Jack bag from a shrub taking photos for my facebook page. I'm not insane, just errrm....creative *cough*. Infact they often see me hanging a variety of items from there, it's a pretty shrub and shows off the items nicely.

The opening of this blog makes it sound like I've been really busy. I have and I haven't. I've been uber busy thinking about stuff to make, quite a bit less busy about actually making it. Orders have quietened down of late, so I was going to use this time to make up stock, of which I had very little and I'm supposed to be having a stall at a little fete in a couple of months. But My get up and go basically got up and went. I did get a couple of orders through though and this spurred me on to keep making after I'd made the orders up. But alas today all i can think about is the things that I should be doing, rather than actually doing them.

A downside of the sunny weather is the realisation that my windows are in dire need of a clean. The sun has been shining through what looks like an opaque window, it is infact clear glass, just 'in need of a clean' clear glass. My plan of action today was, school run, get home, empty dishwasher, get ironing out of the way while the weather was still a bit nippy, then out with my bowl of soapy water and get those windows sparkly clean. So far in reality, I did school run, emptied dishwasher, looked at the ironing pile and gave a sigh, made some fimo hearts and ate a hot cross bun whilst they were baking. Hmm, the day hasn't gone quite to plan. (the hot cross bun was yummmmmy though).

Oh, I also washed up some glass jars for a new project, a new project that I've been wanting to start for ages but as usual never quite got round to it. I think it's because I know it means I'm going to have to find room for even more 'stuff' and my craft storage is slowly, well, rather quickly actually, taking over the conservatory. Now considering the conservatory is the width of my house and 15ft deep, thats a whole lot of space covered in 'stuff'. :(

As I thought more about preparing the things I need to wash the windows I obviously somehow ended up on here writing this to put it off a bit longer. I WILL wash the windows today though as the weather is supossed to turn rubbish again soon and there's no way I'm going out there cleaning windows whilst it's cold. Hmm, but then again, if the sun is soon going to dissapear, no one will see that the windows need washing ;) No Claire, they HAVE to be done. Its the school Easter holidays starting next week and we have a very busy 2 weeks planned, so nothing much is going to get done  and I don't even have tomorrow to rush round as I'm at hospital most of the day.

I'm off to climb the ironing pile and possibly wash the windows. I'm taking the kids to town straight from school to pick up Jacks new glasses so I'll not get anything done then either.

Please, please, please if anyone is out there reading this, do you have any tips on how to find your get up and go once it's got up and left the building? I need willpower and determination to make this work and I'm lacking both which I find very frustrating. ANY help much appreciated!

Hugs xxx

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  1. When it happens to me I always make a list. Something about a list makes me feel like my thoughts are organized. Then I just start working down the list, no excuses. Somewhere along the way I find motivation and my get up and go. Plus I'm a true believer in "clean house=clean mind= action". Good luck!